Gorgeous Girl

About Us


Cosmetics53 LLC strives to win the hearts of its consumers be delivery value cosmetics products of renowned brands in the UAE. With the motto of ‘Going the extra mile’, Cosmetics53 was established in the year (enter year) by Mr. Ali – a veteran in the cosmetics retail industry. Introducing reputed cosmetics brands such as 'Gorgeous Girl' and 'Verse', Cosmetics53 believes in empowering women to take the best care of their skin by delivery quality products.

Cosmetics53 L.L.C is a part of Al Nemaa Group - a leading consortium of companies that developed an impeccable portfolio of services in diverse range of industries. Their status as diversi ed retailers catering multiple industries have garnered them an untarnished reputation in the Middle East market.

Cosmetics53 L.L.C is made up of highly talented and skilled individuals, that are being regarded as pioneers in their relevant industries and their dedicated efforts have propelled every company under Al Nemaa Group to new heights of success.

Our strength is their ability to develop innovative, practical solutions for our clients without compromising on quality.


Cosmetics53 L.L.C will utilize its management resources of cosmetics business to establish a unique position and develop its corporate value in the market of UAE.


Cosmetics53 L.L.C aims to deliver quality cosmetics products to all customers at affordable rates.

Gorgeous Girl is a renowned and well-known cosmetics brand offering a diverse range of cosmetics for girls and women - nurturing them to turn 'Gorgeous' from 'Beautiful'. Offering classic make up to organic cosmetics, Gorgeous Girl makes sure that every product under its banner created with utmost care and essential elements that unfolds inner beauty and offers a smooth and ¬flawless look.